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How we began


F.L.A.C. (Festival Live Music Angolan and Cuban). We wanted to offer a festival that has 100% focus on live music, dance & food!! What started as a small local festival it has now been  represented in 2022 by 9 international festivals taking place in Bratislava, Budapest, Bristol, Birmingham etc...



We aim to deliver something different. We are a dance festival promoting live music. The roots that connect ANGOLAN and CUBAN music are long, strong and culturally connected. This is what FLAC represents. Connection through music.

Our Work


We want to take the FLAC experience everywhere. It's an original concept 100% organic with all the love for the culture, the dance and the music. If you would like to host a FLAC festival in your country please contact us and let's share the love for Live Music!!! 


Get in touch


For any information we are always available on  +421 948 000 898

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